Saturday, September 24 1757

Paid Joseph Fuller by his son Richard 18d for 1 leg of mutton, 6 lbs at 3d received today… About 12:15 Mrs Virgoe and myself on a horse of Mr Burgess’s and Mr Burgess on my colt set out to see a farm of Mrs Virgoe’s mother during life, and afterwards Mrs Virgoe’s, lying in the parish of Mayfield. I went to give her my opinion about what repairs there were wanting and also how I thought the man used it.

We stayed and drank tea at the tenant’s and came home about 5:40. My family dined in my absence on some fried whiting, boiled tripe and the remains of yesterday’s dinner (as did myself when I came home on a light pudding cake and turnips). This day received from Mr Robert Plumer, by Richard Page, 1 1/5 tun salt… In the evening busy a-writing for John Watford…

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