Sunday, April 23 1758

No service at our church in the morning on account that Mr Porter preached at Ripe. Took physic today. We dined on the scrag end of a neck veal boiled and butter and parsley. My whole family at church this afternoon; viz., my wife, self and nephew. We had a sermon preached by the Rev Mr Chalice, curate of Ripe, go from the words of the [7th] verse of the 139th Psalm: “Whither shall I for from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?” Mrs Atkins, Mrs Hicks, Mrs Brook and Sukey Comber drank tea at our house. In the evening Thomas Davy sat with us a while. In the evening and in the day read part of Wake’s Catechism and Sherlock on judgment. A very high wind all day. Notice given of a public vestry tomorrow at Jones’s.

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