Friday, February 16 1759

This was the day appointed by proclamation for a general feast and humiliation before Almighty God for obtaining pardon of our sins and for averting those heavy judgments which our manifold provocations have most justly deserved, and imploring his blessing and assistance on the arms of His Majesty by sea and land, and for restoring and perpetuating peace, safety and prosperity to His Majesty and these his kingdoms.

Myself and servant at church in the morning (my wife staying home only upon account of her illness). The text in the 6th verse of the 122nd Psalms: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.” Myself and servant church in the afternoon; we had only prayers. After we came home, we dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of some hog bones, which Dame Durrant made my wife a present of.

The fast in this place has seemingly been kept with great strictness and, I hope, with a sincere and unaffected piety, our church in the morning being crowded with a numerous audience. God grant we may every one of us reform our wicked ways and that every Briton may inspire his neighbour with a sense of religion and the fear of God by his own good example. For I think no nation had ever greater occasion to adore the Almighty Disposer of all events than Albion, whose forces meet with success in almost all quarters of the world, and where plenty once more rears her pleasing aspect.

The pestilential distemper is now no more among our herds, and there now seems to reign a spirit of unity in our national councils. A king sits upon the British throne whose whole intention seems to be that of making the happiness of every individual of his subjects the same as his own. Oh, let Britain think on these blessings and adore the giver of them! Let us all with sincerity and pure devotion in one voice continue to supplicate the blessing of the Almighty on this our happy isle!

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