Thursday, April 5 1759

…In the morning took up a livery coat for Mr Coates’s servant and a fustian frock for Mr Porter’s son and servant. About 10:20 I walked over to Framfield and dined at my brother’s… in company with my brother and sister, brothers Dicky and John and William, my uncle Hill and cousin Molly, my aunt Moon, uncle Will Ovendean and his wife and my cousin Thomas Ovendean. About 8:30 we buried my mother. Ah, melancholy scene (she was in the 62nd year of her age); we are now left as it were without any head, quite mother and fatherless, and it seems just as if we were now a-going to turn out in a wild world without any friends. Oh, may the God of all mercy pour His holy spirit into our hearts that he may grow in grace and unite together with brotherly love and kindness and always think of our high calling through our blessed Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. I stayed at Framfield all night.