Monday, April 16 1759

In the morning about 6:10 my brother Moses and Charles Diggens came over, Charles in order to take up a coat and waistcoat for John Browne, and Moses on other business. They together with John Browne breakfasted with us, but went away soon after…

About 3:20 I went down to Jones’s to the vestry when I made up the accounts between Thomas Fuller the present overseer and the parish, and there was due to the parish 1.9.0. We were very unanimous at our vestry; nothing but barony and good humor seemed to be in every one of the People there, who were Thomas and Joseph Fuller, Jeremiah French, Mr Porter, Joseph Burgess, William Piper, Edward Foord, John Cayley, John Browne, Edmund Elphick, John Watford, John Burridge and Joseph Durrant. The officers nominated for the year ensuing were: John Cayley, overseer, John Watford, electioner; Thomas Fuller, churchwarden, Joseph Fuller, electioner. Rec’d of Thomas Fuller 12/- which I am to pay to John Elless, it being for poor tax which he has paid in his prejudice for the years 1755 and 1756. I came home about 10:10.

Wrote my London letters. My wife in my absence paid John Streeter 2/7 for a bond which he bought for me today at Lewes. Rec’d of Thomas Fuller 2/- for making the poor book.

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