Thursday, November 1 1759

…Richard Braizer at work a-gardening for me all day. Our late servant Mary Martin came over in the forenoon to see my wife and she, together with Thomas Davy and Richard Braizer, dined with us on the remains of Wednesday’s dinner, with the addition of some boiled whiting and some boiled mutton. Mary Martin stayed and drank tea with my wife and then went home.

Gave John Streeter the post in cash 11/9 to pay the club arrears of myself, Thomas Davy and Robert Hook, this being quarterly night. I received of Thomas Davy his 3/9, but Robert Hook’s I sent myself, which he is indebted to me… At home all day and thank God very busy. My wife very ill, but much better. In the morning sent my servant again up to Mr Vine’s with the bill of nails, but she could not get any money.