Sunday, November 11 1759

In the night my wife was taken very ill, but thank God she is better this morning. In the morning George Richardson, Mr John Madgwick’s servant, came to see us and he and Charles Diggens (who came in accidentally) breakfasted with us. George Richardson and myself at church in the morning (Charles Diggens going away in churchtime)…

This day Charles Vine and Ann Fuller, both of this parish, were asked in the church (this being the first time). George Richardson and our late servant dined with us on a leg of mutton roasted, some fried plaice, a pond currant pudding and potatoes. Only our late and present servants at church in the afternoon. George Richardson drank tea with us and stayed with us till near 7 o’clock. Gave George Richardson one bill on Mr William Margesson, payable to Mr John Madgwick… viz.,

To part of the said bill in full on my account15.10.6
To part of the same in full for the funeral goods on account of my late mother     6.1.6

In the evening read 2 of Tillotson’s sermons. Our late servant stayed all night.

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