Wednesday, September 10 1760

In the morning as soon as I had breakfasted I set out for Goudhurst in order to buy some flannels. I called at Ticehurst and baited myself and horse and from thence I went to Goudhurst, but did no business, the man having only one piece made. I stayed and baited myself and horse and then went for Tunbridge Wells by way of Horsmonden. I stayed and drank coffee at my brother’s and came away about 6:40. I called at my aunt Ovendean’s in my road home… Came home very safe and sober about 9:40.

My family at home dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner, but I stopped nowhere for a set dinner, but put up with bread and cheese… My wife in my absence paid our servant Hannah Marchant in cash 4/-, which with a book debt of 36/- makes the sum of 40/- and is in full for 16 months’ servitude ending Tuesday the 16th of this instant, September.

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