Monday, May 31 1756

After breakfast my father Slater and I parted, he going to Lewes and I to Bayley’s Lane where I bought some earthenware both for myself and mother. Came back again about 12 o’clock. Dame Vinal here a-washing for us half the day. We dined on a piece of pork and greens and cold eel pie. Dame Mott and her husband drank tea with us. Saw in the Lewes. Newspaper of this day that on Saturday last there were several explosions heard in the bowels of the earth like an earthquake in the parishes of Waldron and Hellingly, as also by one person in this parish. About 9:30 my father Slater came back from Lewes to our house and stayed all night. He made my wife a present of a guinea and paid for my fire grate etc. at Lewes, which amounting to 2.2.0 and added together, makes a very pretty present.

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