Thursday, June 3 1756

In the morning Crowhurst brought my earthenware, for which I paid him 3.16.3½. Borrowed in cash of Mr Jeremiah French 2.2.0. Very busy all the morning a-setting the earthenware to rights. We dined on the remains of Tuesday’s dinner with the addition of the 10 plaice bought yesterday. In the afternoon I was very busy a-gardening. In the evening my brother Moses came over; he was not very well. In the evening read Tillotson’s 19th sermon. Paid John Streeter 6d in part for bringing a parcel from Lewes, and for 6 lemons, and there remains 6d more due to him. Sent Joseph Mepham some dinner. In the evening Francis Elless the schoolmaster at our house a-learning the contracted division of decimals

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