Monday, August 9 1756

At home all day. My brother came over and dined with us on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. After dinner he went to Lewes for me to endeavor to get in some debts for me. He went to Hammond’s, Cooper’s, Wittersham’s and Warren’s, but could not get one farthing. Came back about 7 o’clock. He spent 6d which I paid him again. My wife went up to Mr John Vine’s to get him to stop 3/- which is owing to me by Stephen Clinch, who is now a-haying for Mr Vine, and he assured my wife he would certainly stop it. My wife stayed and drank tea there and came home about 5:30. I paid John Lewer 18/3 for a crock of butter weighing 36½ lbs for Mr Isaac Hook of Lewes… William Burrage the younger at work for me all day.

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