Friday, October 22 1756

In the morning went and asked Dallaway for the money due to me; who seemed to make light of it. I also told him that I was very apprehensive Savage would trouble him, which was the reason that made me so uneasy. I also went and informed Joseph Fuller of my proceedings yesterday, who approved of them, and also Mr Coates, who also approved of them and gave me liberty of removing John Durrant and his wife into the part of the house where Richard Heath and his wife did live, I went from Halland to Mr Thomas Peckham’s, where I did at last receive my bill, viz., 0.16.11 in full of all demands, but 2d I spent and 3d I must abate or spend; so I chose the former and am determined not to trust them again.

I am well assured that I have lost money by this bill. I came home and dined on a heart pudding and cabbage. In the afternoon Mr and Mrs French and my brother (who came over for the mare) drank tea with us… In the evening Master Dallaway and his wife came and talked with me again about their debt and seemed to talk to me in a very imperious and insulting manner, which I find is all I get by my good nature in trusting people so long. Then if I but ask them for it, I am insulted in this manner. In the evening read 3 of Tillotson’s sermons.

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