Sunday, February 13 1757

Just before churchtime my brother Will came in, and he and I stayed at home. My wife and maid at church. My brother and Thomas Davy dined with us on a hog’s cheek boiled, a plain batter pudding, turnips, parsnips and cabbage. My brother informed [me] that my uncle Hill had just received a letter from his son Charles on board the MONARCH, man-of-war in Portsmouth harbor. I and Thomas Davy agreed to take a walk to see the contents; so accordingly, while they were at church in the afternoon, he and I set out for Horsted, leaving my brother to keep house, my wife and maid being at church. We got to my uncle’s about 4:10, where we found my uncle at home and my brother Moses and Mr Abraham Whapham and the Isfield miller, the two latter of which went away about 6:10. My uncle showed me my cousin’s letter wherein he informed him of his health etc. and also that Admiral Byng was now confined under sentence of death on board their ship, that he was in high spirits for a man in his circumstances, and that he was about 5 feet 5 inches, somewhat corpulent and had received a reprieve for 15 days on the 5th instant. But it was his and the officers’ opinion that he would undoubtedly be shot. He also said it was computed he was worth £300,000. My brother and we came away about 7:20 and came together as far as Horsted Church, where we parted. Thomas Davy and I came home about 8:30. My brother Will stayed till our maid came from church. My wife drank tea at Mrs Virgoe’s.

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