Tuesday, March 1 1757

In the morning Mr French, John Watford, George Hyland and myself set out for Uckfield in order for him to swear his parish. We called at Mr French’s, but did not stay. We then proceeded on our intended journey as far as my mother’s, where I took my mare and rode to Uckfield. There we all met again and went to Mr Courthope’s, who examined the man and he swore his parish was Laughton. Mr Courthope then granted us an order to carry him and Ann his wife home to their said parish of Laughton.

While I was at Mr George Courthope’s, Mr John Withington, Messrs Bancroft and Nixon’s rider, called there for me and went and stayed at the Maiden Head till we came back from Mr George Courthope’s. There he, I and Mr Jesse Attree drank 1 pint of white wine. He then promised to come and lodge at my house tonight; we then parted, Mr French, Hyland and Watford going to Hoathly, Withington on his journey, and I to Lewes to get the order signed, which I did by Luke Spence Esq. I paid Mr Ed Verral 1.9.0 in full. Bought 2 sheets treble starp paper for Mr Porter…

As soon as I had dined, I went away directly for Laughton where I arrived about 3:20, and after sitting at the Pound about 15 minutes, Mr French, Hyland and his wife, John Durrant and J. Watford came in. Then Mr French and I went and delivered Hyland and his wife to Master Goad, one of the overseers of Laughton, who received them without any sort of dispute, and went with us down to the Pound where we stayed an hour and a half. I then called as I came home at the Laughton headborough’s, my old friend, and told his wife if he would come up on Friday next and make up the affair of the 22nd instant, it might be done on easy terms. If not, the parish would prosecute him. I came home about 5:45 where I found Mr John Withington was just getting off from his horse at Jones’s. After going up to my house and staying about 45 minutes, we went down to Jones’s and spent the evening and supped there.

While we were at supper, we were alarmed by a quarrel which happened between Mr French, John Durrant, and Mr Smith and Thomas Starr, they being just come to Jones’s. Upon our hearing a great tumult we left our room and went into the kitchen where we found the two former abusing Mr Starr very much. We came home about 10:30. Mr Withington lodged at our house all night… Received of George Hyland 3/- in full.

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