Wednesday, December 26 1759

Balanced accounts with Mr Will Piper and paid him in cash 15/3½ and by a book debt 6/8½, which together makes the sum of 1.2.0, and is in full for 2 sacks of oats… In the forenoon my brother came over and borrowed my horse. He came back and dined with us on the remains of yesterday’s dinner.

In the evening I went into Joseph Durrant’s to smoke a pipe with Mr Thornton, where were Joseph Fuller Jr and Mr Elless. We stayed until near 3:20 when I came home sober. Mr Elless came and lodged at our house. I think I never spent an evening with less pleasure in my life, most of the company being in liquor, and very indifferent company, some before they were in liquor and some afterward, though if I speak truly I think universal good nature did not abound.

Gave the following boys as under for box money:

Stephen Starnes0.0.6
Richard Fuller0.0.6
Robert Hook0.0.3
Henry Vine0.0.6
Isaac Turner0.0.6

Paid Joseph Fuller 4/- for highway tax.

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