Wednesday, August 13 1755

Called up about 6 o’clock. Wrote to Mr Thomas Friend to let him know my wool will be ready for sale about the middle of next week, and gave him the preference before another. Sent by Bonwick’s carter a crock of butter which weighed 39 lbs to Mr John Wilson, which I had from Mrs Cayley. About 6:30 I was sent for down to Halland to bring my bill. Went down with it and received of Mr John Greening 13.17.0 in full on account of the Duke of Newcastle to this day. Heard from the assize by Mr French. Two cast at the last assize now to be transported for 14 years and the boy tried this time, acquitted. At home all day. Paid for butter 3d. Read several numbers of the 4th volume of The Tatler. Gave away 1½d. Lent my horse to Master Marchant.

Saturday, August 9 1755

At home all day except at Halland 3 times. S. Gibbs sent me a shoulder of venison; gave his man 12d. Paid Joseph Fuller 2/6 for 10 lbs of beef. Samuel Elphick Jr brought me 2 rabbits for a present. Paid for bread ½d. This day the Duke of Newcastle came to Halland about 7 o’clock in the evening. Paid for butter 3d.