Friday, August 15 1755

This day the King’s Plate was run for at Lewes; only one horse. Mr Thomas Chittenden of Hawkhurst called and dined with me. I paid him 38/6 for 11 yards bear-skin, which he brought today. After schooltime went over to Framfield and drew of Messrs Margesson and Collison payable to my mother two bills… No. 248 £15 and No. 249 £12, but have received no money of her for either. Met with Francis Smith at Framfield; he gave me Margesson and Collison’s receipt for 15, 13.10.0 of which I gave him the 12th instant, and he received of Messrs Swainstone and Hedges 1.10.8 on account for Mr Jeremiah French, 30/- of which he paid to them and the 8d he is to pay me. This 1.10.8 I am to make received on account of Mr Jeremiah French. Came home about 9:20. My mother and I had some words, but really I cannot well tell for what.

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