Friday, September 5 1755

This day received of Mr Thomas Chatfield 0.8.1 in full for the boy’s [boys’ ?] schooling and all demands to this day. This day balanced accounts with Thomas Dallaway’s wife and received in cash 20/7½ and there remains due to me 2.2.0, see below:

Their old account                  1.7.10½

their new account                  2.0.1


Rec’d by making gowns              4/-

and by two days’ quilting          16d

In all                              0.5.4


Rec’d by cash today                1.0.7½

Remittance due                     2.2.0

Paid for butter and bread 4d. Paid John Saxby 3/4 for 1 pair of indentures for Samuel Elphick. Gave Will Shoesmith 1d for pulling up my bean stalks. At home all day.

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