Thursday, September 25 1755

To send for next week as under:

3 prs boys! worsted at 10d, 12d and 11d

6 prs pink and red yarn at r*

6 prs boys’ welsh at 1

6 prs men’s worsted at 20d

1 woman’s shroud hca and nca*

2 men’s ditto nea *

2 sheets nca *

1 boy’s ock & oca * Paid Mrs Virgoe 7/6, which with 5/- paid her the 17th instant ls in full for the 12/6 borrowed of her the 12th instant. Paid for bread 1d. George Richardson called on us in his way to Dallington. Wrote to Edward Russell for the balance of his account. Moses came over in the afternoon. Rec’d of Joseph Fuller Jr 1.4.5 in full for a greatcoat. Paid for 2 stone of beef 4/-. Paid for butter 3d. Joseph Fuller stayed and smoked a pipe in the evening. My wife read the 20th and 21st numbers of The Guardian to me, which I think extremely good, the first of which shows how indispensable a duty forgiveness is and the last how much mankind must be delighted with the prospect of the happiness of a future state.

*abbreviation unknown

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