Saturday, November 29 1755

At home all day. Mr Edward Miller sent me a present of a hare. Gave the boy that brought it 12d. Samuel Slater Jr came in a little after dinner for Nanny Slater. Master Piper drank tea with us; I paid him 2.17.0 in part for money paid to Messrs Margesson and Collison on my account by Messrs Swainstone and Hedges. Paid Master Piper 6/8 for the 2 bushels of malt received the 30th of September last, which is in full except 6½ bushels malt and the remainder of the above money. I wrote the banns of marriage for Master Piper to be published in the church tomorrow between himself and his servant Mary Denmall… Gave Henry Vine for going to Framfield in the morning for me 3d. Paid John Watford Sr 3d for a bundle of straw. Paid for milk ½d. Busy all day. Samuel Slater and I spent the evening together at my own house. About 10:15 Master John Mugridge came in and stayed until 12:05. I rec’d of him in cash 2.10.4¾, which 1s in full to this day. Samuel Slater brought me 2 fine rabbits for a present.

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