Monday, December 22 1755

At home all day; it being St Thomas’s day I gave to the poor of this parish about 2/6, being about 30 in number (giving to each 1d and a draft of beer). Paid John Dulake… 15/- in full for bringing of salt etc. from Lewes for me and everything else to this day. Paid Francis Smith in cash 1.1.4, which with the 9.10.0 I gave him the 16th instant makes in all 10.11.4 and is in full for money he paid for me in London… I gave him also in cash 10.2.6 which he is to pay for me in London; see the next time we balance. Mrs Virgoe and children drank tea here. I Paid for milk ½d; paid for a peck of potatoes 6d.

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