Saturday, January 3 1756

In the morning I went down to Mr French’s; brought home my hog, and Joseph Fuller Jr killed him for me. Paid for 10 dozen quills 10d. Mr Barnard, Mr Pooley’s rider, called on me. I paid him in cash 0.7.0 and there remains due to Mr William Pooley 22.0.0. I paid Frank Smith… in full for money paid in London for me as under:

1755 24 Dec. to Messrs Tooke and Bond in full 2.0.0

1755 24 Dec. to William Ashmorer for 2 gallons rum, which I got for Mrs Day 0.16.0

1756 1 Jan. to Messrs Margesson and Collison      20.0.0

For 1 pair of shoes for S. T.                    0. 3.9

Ditto for bacon got for Thomas Ling 0.4.9


Went down to John Jones’s with Mr Barnard; stayed about 10 minutes. Mr Barnard not having halfpence enough, to save changing I lent him 1d and agreed to give Grace Grover 3d for him. Charles Diggens spent the evening with us until near 7 o’clock. Afterwards I went down to Mr Porter’s and carried them in silver 2.16.0 and received of Mrs Porter one guinea and one 36/- piece, which makes together 2.17.0; so that I am indebted to Mrs Porter 12d. Rec’d of William Burrage 6/11½ in full for his son Richard’s schooling etc. After supper read 10 numbers in The Freeholder.

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