Saturday, December 13 1755

At home all day; sent by Thomas Fuller’s a boy to Lewes, to be left at the White Horse for Mr Stephen Fletcher until he comes, 1 draft which I drew on Messrs Margesson and Collison… value £14, payable to Mr Samuel Ridings or order… in full to October last. I also sent with it on return 1 piece striped cotton 26½ yds at 2/-, value 2.13.0. Paid 3/3 for 1 dozen dairy brushes and No. 2 paste-boards brought me from Lewes by Thomas Fuller’s boy. Paid the post boy (for Thomas Freeman) 9d in full for 1 pair creepers received by him today. Gave Goldsmiths’s carter tobacco to about the valve of 1d for bringing a parcel from Lewes for me. Paid John Cayley in cash 1.4.0 in full to this day, except 131 lbs of butter received of them for Mr John Wilson of Southover, which I sent to him the 6th instant.

Rec’d of John Cayley 32 fleeces of wool

2 tod 1 lb at 6½d a pound              1.13.2½

ditto 7 ½ lbs lamb’s wool 4d            0.2.6

ditto 2 cords wood                     1.4.0


rec’d today 15 lbs butter at 6d         0.7.6


due on book debt                       0.15.2

Paid in cash the 16th July 1755 1.10.0

Paid in cash today in full as above 1.4.0


Mr Tucker came to see me about 9:30. No churching here in the morning. At home all day; not at church. Laughton parson preached here in the afternoon. Mr Tucker went away about 8:15. I sent by him in a letter to Mr Robert Plumer 1 bill I drew… value 25.14.0… to Mr Robert Plumer… in full to this day… Mr Thomas Fuller came in about 5:25 and stayed 8:20.

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