Wednesday, December 24 1755

At home all day. Rec’d of Joseph Fuller 1 leg mutton, 6½ lbs at 3d, 0.1.7½. Rec’d of butcher Bonwick 1 lot of beef; the weight I do not know. Paid Will Harvey 18d for making 3 cotton waistcoats… Paid John Jenner of Hailsham… 21/- in full for hats rec’d of him today as under:

3 hats at 3/6                 0.10.6

3 ditto at 2/-                0.6.0

1 ditto at                   0.4.6

Dr Snelling called on us in his journey to Ticehurst, but did not get off his horse. In the evening wrote out Peter Adams’s bill amounting to 8.16.1½, Mr Thomas Reeve’s bill amounting to l.17.10¼. Gave a carter 2 oz tobacco for bringing 2 cheeses from Lewes for me. Gave Jenner’s boy 6d for his box.

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