Monday, January 12 1756

…This day began teaching school again, being the first day since Christmas. In the evening went down to Mr Thomas Porter’s and settled accounts with him; see below. After I came home (finding Thomas Davy at my house) we went to cribbage; I won 3d. He supped with us and stayed till 12:40 — too late. I drank part of a bottle of cider at Mr Porter’s.

Rec’d of Mr Porter by his tenant Thomas Wright, paying (by Mr Porter’s order) to Messrs Margesson and Collison for my use on the 22nd Dec., 1755                      30.13.0

Do. by 11 lbs butter                        0.4.7

Do. by tithe for 1755                       0.8.0


My bill on Mr Porter to the 31st Jan., 1756                         27.15.9

By a mistake made to my prejudice on the 27th Sept., 1755                      0.16.5

28.12.2   28.12.2


I gave Mr Porter my note of hand for 2.13.6 payable to him or order on the 23rd January next, dated today, which, when paid, will be in full for the balance of the account due to Mr Porter. Paid for butter 3d. Paid for 12 brooms 10d. Read The Merry Wives of Windsor wherein I think the genius of the author shows itself in a very conspicuous manner as to humor. But I cannot find in my heart to say I think there 1s one good moral character. Gave Francis Smith’s man 6d for his box.

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