Friday, January 23 1756

While we were at breakfast, my father Slater came in. He stayed and breakfasted with us and also dined with us. After dinner he went to Laughton to bury Mrs Shoesmith, who was brought from Hartfield to Laughton yesterday by men. I tied up 8 hatbands for him. I paid Mr Thomas Porter 2.13.6 in full for the note of hand I gave him the 12th instant and took up the note (of Mrs Porter) accordingly. Gave a tramp 1½d… I find in Tournefort’s Voyage [a supposed account of Homer’s birth]… In the evening my father Slater came back from the funeral. He stayed at our house all night. Gave Francis Turner 6d for looking after my father’s horse and Mr Bowman’s horse on the 21st instant.

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