Thursday, January 29 1756

After dinnertime (for I need not say “after dinner” on account I ate none) I went to the funeral of Mr Adams’s daughter. We came to church about 3:30. There was a sermon for her, the text I Corinthians 15:19: “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.”

After churchtime very busy. Master Piper came and invited us up to see him in the evening. We accordingly went about 6:15 and found there John Vine Jr and wife, Thomas Fuller, son and daughter. We supped there on a rib seep [?] spitted twice, a piece of boiled (tainted) beef, a good piece of bacon, and a good butter pudding, but all in very bad order and odd decorum, which would all have been very excusable had it not been attended with such a mean and stingy spirit in the old man. For that few bottles of beer etc. we got came (as the old saying is) like drops of blood from his heart, and we may justly attribute them more to Thomas Fuller’s boldness in asking for liquor than to the poor old man’s good nature in offering it. We stayed till 1:25. My wife and I won 3/6 and gave them 12d; so this brings back some part of Monday night’s expenses. Gave William Divol in cash 3.18.0 in order for his father to pay in Lewes tomorrow for me; to wit, to Tooth 2.14.0 in full except for what he brings tomorrow, and to Mr Plumer 1.4.0 in full except for what he brings tomorrow.

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