Friday, February 13 1756

After I came from school in the forenoon, I went over to Mrs Virgoe’s. I found her brother Mr. Joseph Burgess and her brother Mr John Burgess of Rotherfield there. I stayed there about 2 hours talking over Mrs Virgoe’s affairs concerning the sale of her house tomorrow etc.

About 4 o’clock I went for Lewes on foot. Just as I was a-going, I met with two apprentices of Mrs Taylor of Lewes, who were then a-going to Lewes. We accordingly went together, and on their account, for the sake of company, I went around by Laughton. We called at Mr Robert Turner’s and at Laughton Place, but did not stay. I got to Lewes about 7 o’clock and called on Mr George Verral. He and I went up to Mr John Plumer’s to talk with him and found him abed with the gout. Afterwards I went down to Mr Roase’s and paid him £7 in full to the 30th of January last… Then I went and paid Mr George Lambert 1.10.0 in full to this day. Paid for shaving 6d. Afterwards went to the White Horse and supped and spent the evening in company with Mr Tucker, Piggot, Feron, Griffiths, Roper, Aliot and Aldersey. Bought of Mr Roper 1 watch key, value 6d. Rec’d of William Sinden ½ bushel wheat. Lay at the White Horse.

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