Saturday, February 21 1756

No frost tonight; a great deal of the snow melted. In reading The Odyssey last night, among many curious passages these two lines I think applicable to the present times; viz.,

“Why cease ye then the wrath of Heaven to stay;

Be humbled all, and lead ye great the way.”

All that I have read of it yet

I think is one entire lesson of morality. Then I think the speech of Jupiter extremely good:

“Perverse mankind, whose will’s created free,

Charge all their woes on absolute decree.

All to the dooming gods their guilt translate

And follies are miscalled the crimes of fate.”

Paid for 6 brooms 6d. Mr James Jordan drank tea with us. I paid him 16.14.0…in full to the 28th January, 1756. Paid Master Hope for a sparerib, 8 lbs, 2/-. Paid for baking of a piece of beef for Sunday’s dinner 1d. Paid Clymson the glover 12/2 for goods I received from him this day: that 1s, he brought the goods himself… Afterward I took of him 20d for a bridle and 21d for a susi handkerchief. In the evening Robert Hook brought me home 1 pair boots, value 18/-, and my wife 1 pair pumps, value 3/9, both to be entered to account. Thomas Davy and he both came together; they stayed till near 11 o’clock. Paid for butter 2¾d. See Monday for something relating to this day.

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