Monday March 15, 1756

…We had for dinner a piece of bacon, light and rice pudding, greens and potatoes. Dame Burfield drank tea with us. After tea I went with Sally to Framfield, as did Robert Hook, who went forward to Uckfield. I went to talk with my mother concerning her leaving off trading. Robert Hook called me at Framfield about 9:15 and came home about 10:45. As we came by Whyly, we met with Thomas Fuller the chandler who was then in his road home; but considering the coldness of the weather, he thought it better to come back home by the Street on proviso I would give him a dram of gin. Oh! that baneful liquor; that mankind should be so infatuated as to give way to anything for an opportunity to drench themselves with such a slow and lingering poison! While I was gone to Framfield, George Richardson called in his road from Dallington to Lewes, but did not stay.

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