Thursday, April 1 1756

In the forenoon Mr Edward Relfe, saddler in Lewes, brought us a new pillion and dined with us on the sparerib given us by Mr French. It was baked in the oven with a pudding under it. I paid him for the pillion etc., 1.4.6; to wit,

1 quilted pillion with 2 straps on the off side 0.15.0
Lace for the cloth0.3.6
Lining 0.1.2
Stiffening 0.2.0
Making   0.5.0

After dinner I set out with Mr Relfe on horseback to go to Lewes and went with him as far as the London Gates, but not liking my horse, nor the roads, I returned back again, came home and pulled off my boots and set out on foot for Lewes about 3 o’clock. I came home again exactly at 8 o’clock. I spent nothing all the time I was gone, nor drank anything but a glass of orange shrub. I found it prodigious bad walking.

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