Tuesday, March 23 1756

Sent Francis Smith by Thomas Hemsley £6…which he… is to pay in London for me; see the next time we balance. Molly French dined with us on the fillet of that leg of veal bought on Saturday last, roasted in the oven, with a pudding under it. This day I entertained my scholars with the sight of a show which was at Jones’s; the man performed in my schoolroom. I think it a very good performance of the kind. He performed several very curious balances, ate fire and red-hot tobacco-pipes, brimstone etc. I gave him 12d. After schooltime I went down to Mr Jeremiah French’s to ask Mr Sam Virgoe whether it made any difference, or whether he insisted on my going out of his house at new Lady Day. He has given me leave to stay as long as I like, providing I will pay him 12d per week for rent. Stayed there till near 9 o’clock. When I came home, I found Mr Burgess, his wife and Mrs Virgoe in the shop a-buying of goods; [they] went in and stayed about 2 hours.

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