Monday, April 19 1756

…Rec’d of Joseph Fuller 3.11.1½ in full on account of the parish, he being overseer. Very busy, there being a public vestry at Jones’s to choose new officers, I dined there on a buttock of beef and ham, a plum pudding and greens (my family dining at home on the remains of yesterday’s dinner). The company that dined at Jones’s were Mr Coates, Mr Piper, Mr Jeremiah French, Joseph Fuller, Thomas Fuller, Robert Hook, John Browne and myself, though after dinner there came in several more of the parishioners. We paid 12d apiece for dinner. After dinner I was sent for home but after I had done my business, I went down again and stayed till near 8 o’clock. The officers chosen for the year 1756 were: Joseph Fuller, church-warden; John Vine Sr, electioner; [alternate]; myself, overseer; Edward Hope, electioner.

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