Sunday, April 25 1756

My wife and I both at church in the morning; the text, Proverbs 3:17: “Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.” Our maid came home in churchtime. We dined on the remains of Friday’s dinner with the addition of 4 eggs. My wife, maid and self at church in the afternoon. As soon as prayers were ended, Mr Jeremiah French and I went out and searched the public-houses; to wit, John Jones’s, where we found no one person but John Jones, from whence we went to Francis Turner’s, where we found a man and his wife who came in overnight. They seemed to be very sober sort of people and not a-drinking; so we did not meddle with them. We came back just as the people came out of church. Mr French went to Jones’s and had a dram, and I a pint of beer. At home all the remainder of the day. Thomas Davy spent about one hour with us in the evening.

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