Friday, May 14 1756

Friday, May 14: At home all day. My brother William came to see us. He dined with us on the remains of Wednesday’s dinner with a few ratios [rasher] of pork. I appointed to go to Uckfield Fair, but my brother’s coming prevented my going. In the afternoon Thomas Cornwell, Thomas Durrant and myself sued my pond in the orchard and caught two small perch only. My brother went away about 10:15. In the afternoon I was sent for over to Mrs Virgoe’s to talk with Mr Thomas Tourle Jr who has a mortgage on Mrs Virgoe’s house of £100 at 3½ percent per annum. There is now about 2½ years’ interest due, and he seems to be very impatient for his interest, so is to have the whole 3 years’ interest paid when it becomes due, or otherwise (he was so kind as to tell Mrs Virgoe) he should enter upon the house.

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