Friday, July 16 1756

In the morning received a letter which came by the post yesterday and which contained Waite’s bill on me, drawn payable to Mr George Kemp of Lewes, and for which Mr Thomas Scrase paid the 6.15.0 I gave him yesterday. This is in full of all accounts due to Mr Waite.

About 9 o’clock I walked over to Framfield and dined at my mother’s on a boiled leg of mutton and a piece of pork. After dinner I went and hope [helped] ‘em hay and sold to Edward Wood the hay or grass in the little field, together with the brushing round the great field, all as it stands, for 4/-. The rain coming on that we could not hay long, my mother and I balanced accounts remains due to me, for which sum my mother gave me her note of hand dated from the 24th of June last and payable on demand, with interest for the same at 4 percent per annum. And also there remains still due to me the money for that parcel of cheese sent her the 3lst of January last, that not being put in this account, which amounted with carriage to 10.2.10. Stayed and drank tea and rode home in the evening… Our hayers were Edward Wood, M. Turner, M. Elphick and myself.

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