Monday, July 26 1756

Paid Joseph Fuller for 1 loin of lamb…8½d. My brother came over in the forenoon. I also went down to Mr French’s to take the measure of Samuel for a hat. Paid Dame Trill 3/- in full for keeping Ann Braizer, due this day. We dined on a roasted loin of lamb and cauliflower… My Dame Trill complained that the 4/- a month allowed them was not enough; so I made her an offer to give her 5/- for this month, and for it to be continued. But she would not accept of it and said she would have more or none.

In the afternoon wrote out Mr John Vine’s bills. This day received of Mr Francis Elless 12/- for the dictionary I bought for him at the Wells the 11th instant. Also received of him 15/9½ in full on account except the forms, tables etc. This night our servant sat up with Joseph Mepham. Read part of Hervey’s Theron and Aspasio. This day gave Dame Dan a pair of stock and hand cards on the parish account.

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