Saturday, July 3 1756

In the morning Mr French and I went up to talk with Elizabeth Elless, who acknowledged she was with child and not above 2 or 3 weeks more to go of her time. We asked her to inform us of the father, which she seemed very unwilling to do, but she agreed with us to go and swear her parish, though we were almost confident she did belong to our parish, but thinking she might be persuaded to swear the father, we concluded to carry her to Lewes and accordingly came back to prepare for our journey. My brother being come over, I got him to stand the shop for me in my absence, which he agreed to. Then Mr French and I went down to Mr Porter’s to get him to meet us as we were carrying my lady along and to talk to her to inform her of the reasonableness and justice of her either informing us who the father was or swearing it, which he promised to do. I then went home with Mr French to get his horses and dined there on a piece of pork and greens and a beef pudding (my family at home dining on some fried veal and bacon). After dinner we set out for Lewes, Mr French’s servant, J. Shoesmith, carrying her, and he and I rode single. Mr Porter, according to his promise, met with her and talked to her very much but all to no purpose; so we proceeded on our journey. When we came to Lewes, had her examined, and being informed by Mr Verral, the justice’s clerk, she would belong to us, we did not have her sworn. With all the persuasions Mr Verral, Mr French and myself were masters of we could not prevail on her to confess the father, though I think we tried all ways to come to the knowledge of him. We came back again about 9 o’clock. Spent 4/9½ as under:

At Turner’s0.0.3½
At Martin’s0.1.1½
At the White Hart0.1.2
Examination etc.0.1.0
Do. at Martin’s0.0.5
Do. at Turner’s0.0.3½

…Paid Mary Dine for making a gown etc. for my wife 2/-. She and my brother drank tea with my wife. My brother went home immediately after I came home…

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