Wednesday, August 4 1756

Mr Collison went away immediately as soon as he got up. My brother stayed and breakfasted with us and went home immediately. William Burrage at work again today. About 12 o’clock Peter Adams called on me to go with him to Ringmer in order to see the people who were eye-witnesses of his abuse on Whitsun Tuesday, which I accordingly did. We found James Carter, John Mitchel, David Tippings and Dorothy Presnal, all eyewitnesses of his and my abuse, which they say was very great and in their opinion insufferable. We called at John Martin’s, William Dicker’s, T. Peckham’s and Francis Turner’s. I spent 12d. Mr Adams (though I went in a manner purely to oblige him) could not agree very well for going out in a hurry. I went without any money in my pockets and upon that account got him to pay 3d for me, upon which he very tauntingly asked me whether my wife would not let me carry any money in my pockets for fear I should either lend him some or pay some for him. So one word rose to another until I fairly brought him under. After we came home, I went down with his horse in company with Mr Elless. Came home about 10 o’clock. My family dined on peas and bacon.

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