Tuesday, August 31 1756

In the morning got up and wrote my letters and sent Messrs Margesson and Collison an order to sell mine and my mother’s wool, which I sent to them by Smith… The price I ordered it to be sold for was 20/- per tod, besides carriage, and 4 cloths at 4/6 each. I this day hired Mr Burgess’s and Hutson’s cart and 3 horses to go to Lewes for me to bring home I some cheese etc. I accordingly went along with it on foot. I balanced accounts with Mr William Roase’s servants (he being very ill) and gave them a bill on Messrs Margesson and Collison…value, 23.18.0… in full to this day except for the goods I bought today… Came home about 6 o’clock, and a-coming home I met with an old fellow school-boy, whose name is John Virgoe. He came home with me and stayed about 30 minutes. He is now in trade as a peruke-maker at Hellingly… In my absence my wife paid Francis Smith in cash £13…which he is to pay in London for me. My brother Moses came over about 10 o’clock and stayed all day. My family dined on a piece of pork and French beans. I dined nowhere. Spent 4d and paid the turnpike 6d. The cart brought me home about 14½ cwt of goods.

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