Monday, September 20 1756

In the morning my brother Moses and Mr Will Bennett called on me in their way to Lewes, but did not stay… We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. Wrote a letter for Mr Will Piper to Mr George Tomlin with 2 pockets of hops marked “W.P. No. 1, 2.” Also wrote another for Mr James Hutson to Mr George Tomlin with 1 pocket of hops marked “J.H., No. 3;” and also a letter for Mr Jeremiah French to Messrs Swainstone and Hedges with 1 pocket of hops, marked “J.F., No. 3.” In the evening Mr Porter’s hoppers bought their pole-puller’s neckcloth

[for these and other hop-picking details, see George Sturt, A Small Boy in the Sixties, Chap. VII, “Hops”.]

… Posted my day book and wrote out several bills…

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