Sunday, September 26 1756

In the morning my wife and self went to church, and soon after we were at church, my brother Moses and sister Sally came to us… Surely, as we expected my brother and sister, nothing could be more rude than for not one of us to stay at home besides a servant. But however their good nature overlooked it and they came home and dined with us on 2 roast ducks and gravy sauce, a piece of beef boiled with turnips and carrots and a suet plum pudding. My whole family at church in the afternoon, and also my brother and sister… My brother and sister stayed and drank tea with us and went away about 6 o’clock. About 9 in the evening we were all alarmed by a drunken travelling woman, swearing and rolling about the street. In the evening read 3 of Tillotson’s sermons.

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