Friday, October 15 1756

…Thomas Davy spent the evening with me, and also supped with us. We played at cribbage until past 11 o’clock; I lost 2d. Mr Elless sat with us a little time in the first of the evening. This is the day on which I was married, and it is now 3 years since. Doubtless many have been the disputes which have happened between my wife and myself during the time, and many have been the afflictions which it has pleased God to lay upon us, and which we have justly deserved by the many animosities and dissensions which have been almost incessantly continued and fermented between us and our friends from almost the very day of our marriage, but I hope I may now say, with the holy Psalmist, “It is good for us that we have been afflicted,” for thanks be to God we now begin to live happy, and I am thoroughly persuaded if I know my own mind that if I were single again and at liberty to make another choice, I should do the same, I mean, make her my wife who is so now.

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