Sunday, October 10 1756

In the morning Dr Snelling came and ate some breakfast with us and afterwards opened one of the capillary arteries of my temple for the benefit of my eyes. I asked several people to assist Mr Snelling in doing it, but could get none till I asked Dame Durrant, who assisted in doing it. The artery lying deep, the operation was obliged to be performed with a dissecting knife. The first cut did not hurt greatly, but the incision not being big enough at the 1st cut, he was obliged to cut a second time, which hurt me very much. Mr Snelling did not stay, but went away very soon. Only our maid at church in the forenoon, who stayed the communion. My wife very ill. We dined on a leg of lamb boiled, a bouillis pudding, spinach and turnips. Our maid and my nephew at church in the afternoon, but neither myself nor wife. Thomas Davy spent the evening and supped at our house and read 2 of Tillotson’s sermons to us.

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