Wednesday, November 10 1756

In the morning got up and rode over to Framfield. Dined at my mother’s… My family at home dined on the remains of Sunday’s dinner with the addition of some bloated herrings. After dinner my brother and I walked over to Uckfield to commit the getting in of Peter Adams’s debt to Mr Thornton. As Mr Adams has failed of his word, I am fearful I shall lose it. Mr Thornton was not at home. I spent 3d at Uckfield. A-coming back to Framfield, we met with Mr Smith of Hempstead, who asked us to go into his house and drink a bottle of beer, which we readily accepted of. We drank tea at my mother’s, and after tea my brother came and walked home along with me and spent the evening with me, as did Thomas Davy part of it. My brother stayed all night. N.B.: Thomas Durrant came home very safe today…

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