Wednesday, November 24 1756

In the morning my brother came over and went and took measure of Charles Vine for a waistcoat and came back and breakfasted with us. This day I paid Francis Smith in cash 1.13.6½ for money he paid in London for me… I also gave him in cash 22.16.0 to pay in London for me this week. This day received of Mr Peter Adams–at last–14.13.10 in full, and I also paid him 6d in full for 1 peck of oats and all demands. Mr Snelling called on us and dined with us on the remains of Sunday’s dinner with the addition of some pea broth. I also paid him 5/- in full for opening one of my temple arteries on Sunday the 10th October. Mr Snelling stayed with us till about 4 o’clock. …In the evening read 2 of Tillotson’s sermons. Thomas Davy sat and chatted with us in the evening about 2 hours. This day Mr John Hall called on us in his way to Berwick, but did not stop. The frost continues very hard.

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