Monday, December 20 1756

…Paid John Streeter 5/- for 2 dozen hard brushes he bought me today at Mr Wilbar’s. In the afternoon sent my maid to Framfield. In the evening my brother came over, but did not stay. I received of him for goods which he has and is to have 2.9.11½; viz.,

14 lbs saltpetre at 90/-0.11.3
7 blk. pepper nt. 20d0.11.8
1 ½ lbs nuts nt. 8/70.12.10½
½ hundred raisins  0.12.0

All the above had except 17 lb raisins. This day gave Thomas Tester an order for 3 pks. of wheat. In the evening read 3 of Tillotson’s sermons.

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