Sunday, January 2 1757

In the morning received of Mr Jeremiah French the £10 I lent him the 23rd December and gave his note of hand accordingly. Myself, wife and nephew at church in the morning… We dined on a piece of boiled beef, a plain butter pond pudding and turnips. Myself at church in the afternoon (but neither my wife or nephew, he not being very well)… Between churchtime Thomas Tester petitioned me for some corn to fat his hog. I on this called a vestry; the result of the vestry was that I should do what I think most prudent in the affair. After churchtime I paid the poor as under:

To Widow Pilfold0.6.0
Do. John Streeter for house rent etc. for do.0.3.0
To Ann Wood0.4.0
To Ed Babcock0.4.0
To Richard Trill0.5.0

After churchtime my brother Moses and cousin Moses Bennett came over to acquaint me that my mother wanted me to tie up 12 favors for her in order for me to carry tomorrow to the funeral, and accordingly my wife tied them up in the evening. They both stayed and drank tea with us and stayed till about 6:30. In the evening Thomas Davy sat with us 2 or 3 hours, to whom, and in the day, I read 6 of Tillotson’s sermons. Gave Richard Fuller 6d to his box. A very remarkable cold day.

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