Saturday, January 8 1757

In the morning Thomas Fuller Jr killed a hog for us, which I am to have of Mr French at 2/2 per stone. He stayed and breakfasted with us. We dined on the hog’s sweet-bread fried with the addition of some apple-pie and bread and cheese. In the evening Robert Hook got me to go down to Jones’s in order for me to draw up his account of surveyorship to carry to the sitting on Monday. But Mr French and I, seeing no reason and what he had already done was sufficient, I did not do it; though in being so good-natured as to go with him, it cost me 4d. Sure nothing is more despicable than to see what slaves many people make themselves to that most detestable poison called gin. At home all day except as above. Read part of Martin’s Magazine for October and November. Gave John Dan 12d on the parish account.

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