Thursday, December 30 1756

After breakfast my cousin, self and Mr Elless took a walk, I in order to collect in some small debts, and they for company. We called on Thomas Lewer where I got fair promises; then on Thomas Page where I received 5/- in full; then on Joseph Fitness, who was not at home; then on Thomas Wittersham where I had fair promises; then on Robert Warriner, who was not at home; and then on John Akehurst where I had fair promises. We drank 1 mug of beer at Gregory Markwick’s. We came home and dined on the remains of Saturday’s dinner. Mr Hutson made me a present of 2 partridges. My wife paid a man in my absence 4/- for 24 quire of paper he brought today. My cousin Bennett stayed all night. My mother sent me in cash by my brother today (who was at our house in my absence) £4.

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